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Privacy Policy


There are numerous websites linked from and on this webpage. Only the websites that show this statement are subject to this privacy statement. Although we encourage site owners to abide by these guidelines, you should carefully review the privacy policies of any websites that appear on, link to, or originate from this website that do not display the same information. The privacy practices of any websites that you choose to share personal information with are governed by those policies.


Session cookies and persistent cookies are two types of “cookies” that are commonly used on websites. Your settings are momentarily retained via session cookies. Until your browser is closed, this data is retained. These cookies are kept locally on your computer and continue to exist after the browser is closed. These cookies are not used by us to store personal data. After accessing the page, you have the option of deleting persistent cookies.


Google Analytics, a web and mobile analytics tracking service offered by Google is used on this website to track audience activity, demographic information, and retargeting. By installing a browser plug-in that is accessible on Google’s website, you can choose not to use Google Analytics.

This website gathers data regarding how visitors use our website. Our web server logs the domain name or IP address of each visitor as they access the website. An individual’s identity cannot be determined only by their IP address.


This website engages in ad retargeting, which necessitates the installation of cookies in your browser by our third-party advertisers. Advertising cookies will be downloaded to your computer when you visit our website so that We can determine your level of interest in certain topics. Then, based on your prior interactions with our website, our display advertising partner enables us to offer you retargeting advertising on other websites you visit. The methods employed do not in any way gather personal data, such as your name, email address, or phone number, unless it is freely provided to us, such as by filling out a form. Your provided information is kept private and is never sold or given to any outside businesses.


In order to better offer you adverts for services that are more likely to be of interest to you, our site uses technology from third-party partners [like AdRoll] to recognize your device and analyze how you use our site(s). AdRoll specifically gathers data on your use of our site(s) to help us: monitor and assess the traffic to and use of our site(s).


By going to the options section of your browser and disabling all third-party cookies, you can refuse to have personal information gathered on your desktop and/or mobile device via third-party tracking technologies. The usage of non-cookie technologies by our partners [like AdRoll] may not be impacted by browser settings that disable cookies. By limiting ad tracking or changing the advertiser identification using the privacy settings on your mobile device, you can refuse to have personal data gathered on mobile.

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